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NexGen Bronco started as a vision from a husband and wife with a lifelong background in the automotive industry. David and Angie are owners of NexGen Bronco. David grew up in the automotive industry working along side his dad at the family mechanic business since he was in college. As he advanced, he specialized in automotive diagnostics and diesel performance and repair for over 25 years. Being well respected in the industry, he provides curriculum content for an international automotive training company to assist those working in the industry to solve difficult diagnostic issues as well as technical consulting.


When the BRONCO was released, David’s wife, Angie, was thrilled and placed a reservation as soon as it opened. With the anticipation of the Bronco build they began thinking of all the mods they wanted to complete and the fun they were going to have on Bronco adventures. 


Having experience with aftermarket parts and loyal connections with distributors, they had a vision to make shopping for the new BRONCO easy by providing a single platform with parts and accessories dedicated strictly to the 6th generation Bronco. Their mission quickly developed into providing the HIGHEST QUALITY products specific to your BRONCO for the LOWEST PRICES with the QUICKEST DELIVERY! Their goal is to not only provide you with the platform to browse and purchase products with ease but also to offer personable CUSTOMER SERVICE and be available for any questions from you. 


Another goal this couple has for NexGen Bronco is to help build a positive Bronco community that we can all enjoy no matter where we are in the world. Angie is dedicated to making contacts and staying connected to the BRONCO COMMUNITY through social channels to keep up with your interest and provide you with products to enjoy your adventures. 


They are crazy about their Bronco, their local club, and the awesome BRONCO COMMUNITY. They have made so many new bronco friends throughout this adventure and looking forward to meeting many more. 


NexGen Bronco appreciates you and your business! 

Keep Broncoing —

Happy adventures!